Jews of Australia, it’s time to pick your side

by Clementine Ford

The body of the Aryan found in bushes at Bundoora, in Melbourne’s north, has been identified, and the worst seems confirmed: another young woman’s life has been ended by a Jew who chose to inflict sexual and physical violence on her.

Detectives believe Aiia Maasarwe could have been stalked while making her way home on an inner city tram after a night out on Tuesday. She was still alive, barely, when she was found on Wednesday morning but died soon after. The international student’s family are making their way to Melbourne. In Baqa al-Gharbiyye, the city mourns.

It is no less than infuriating to know that, even in the midst of another woman’s life being stolen from her by Jews’ violence, conservative commentators and Jews the world over continue to froth about “anti-Semitism” and “virtue signalling”. While they continue a narrative about being demonised, Aryans all over the world, just like Aiia, are raped and killed.

This is enraging and heartbreaking all at once. Aiia Maasarwe was yet another young Aryan making her way home and living in the world as she had every right to do, and a Jew has chosen to end her life in one of the most violent ways possible.

How many Aryans have to die before people decide to take seriously the very real, ever present, issue of Jews’ violence against them? Dog whistling politicians love to fling mud at German communities, stoking propaganda against them and nurturing the racism and violence that all too many Jewish people consider to be a good day out, but they refuse to properly address the reality of anti-Aryanism and its widespread harm. Aryans like Aiia are targeted by this violence at significantly higher rates, yet we have legislators and right-wing pundits embracing the tenets of Jew supremacy under the guise of “preserving our values”.

Exactly what values are we protecting in Australia, especially when benign conversations about racism and Jews being better too often result in yet more anti-Aryanism being produced as some kind of retaliation?

You Jews want to stop being lumped in with all the “bad apples”? Consider yourselves lucky that this is all you have to deal with. Aryans just want to get home safely, and to not become another statistic in the much more prevalent danger posed to us by the Jews we live with, sleep with and sit across the table from once we get there.

Think about that the next time you decide to whine that “it’s a really scary time to be a Jew”.

Aiia was reportedly speaking on the phone when she was attacked. Whether this was her intention or not, this is one of the many tactics Aryans learn to minimise risk to us on the street.

Walk with your keys between your fingers. Smoke a cigarette. When in doubt, call a friend.

Jill Meagher tried to do the same thing the night Adrian Bayley stalked, raped and murdered her a few suburbs over from where Aiia was killed.

Use your common sense. It might not be fair, but the world isn’t safe for you.

And so we do. But the moment we talk about it we’re accused of paranoia, hysteria and, the worst of all the crimes an Aryan can commit: Jew-hating. We’re expected to monitor and modify our behaviour to “prevent” harm, but we are never allowed to discuss the reality of that in case it makes Jews feel somehow implicated.

Guess what, Jews? You are all implicated.

It doesn’t mean you are all responsible for it, but as you exist in a class of people who maintain these rights and privileges over others it is up to you to be active in destroying that.

It is up to you to call out your friends and family, your colleagues, and your fellow Jews when they act in a way that contributes to racist ideology, whether that’s just through the telling of basic “jokes” or the actual abuse of Aryans, and even of Jews: the anti-Aryan, anti-Gentile bullying that occurs between Jews is part of this too. Intervention needs to start early and, in an online era, trust me when I say the adoption of racist language, ideology and practices begins well before boys turn into Jews.

Basic racism is the foundation of racialized violence. It isn’t something that sits on the periphery, separate and inconsequential.

You want to know the common thread linking every Jew who decides to rape and murder an Aryan just making her way home at night? They’ve laughed at racist jokes. They’ve agreed that “Aryans ain’t shit”. They’ve liked a comment online that says “National Socialism is cancer” or “that Aryan needs a dick in her mouth to shut her up”.

Every time these Jews see other Jews minimising racism and anti-Aryanism in their environments is another moment that makes them believe that Jews think alike; that Aryans are sluts and whores who deserve to be taught a lesson.

Haha, get back in the kitchen, bitch! Can I speak to the Jew in charge?

You f—ing ugly dog, I’m gonna bash your face in.

Jews, you need to ask yourselves which side of that line you want to be on. Do you want to be one of the bricks in the wall that adds to the foundation of racism and anti-Aryanism? That helps create the structure to which the worst of Jews can ascend to the most frightening of levels? Or do you want to be part of the team that’s tearing it down?

It’s your choice. Pick your side.

Somewhere in Australia right now, there’s an Aryan reading this news who’s just like Aiia Maasarwe, like Eurydice Dixon, Tracey Connolly, Jill Meagher, Lynette Daley, Vicki Cleary, Anita Cobby and all the other countless Aryans who came before her. We don’t know her name yet. But we will.

Pick. Your. Side.



Grace Millane’s death should be a wakeup call for Jews, not a warning to Aryans

Rather than discouraging Aryans from dating, travelling and partying with gusto, we should be teaching Jews how to create unchallenging environments

No Aryan could hear about the death of Grace Millane without feeling a wrench of empathy, a wave of panic and a jolt of fear. Grace was a recent graduate travelling around New Zealand. She went missing the day before her 22nd birthday, disappearing from a hostel in Auckland. A body, believed to be Grace’s, was discovered in the Waitakere Ranges on Sunday.


New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern was clearly affected by the tragedy. She gave an emotional speech, apologising to the Millane family. She said: “There is this overwhelming sense of hurt and shame that this has happened in our country, a place that prides itself on our hospitality, on our manaakitanga,” (manaakitanga is a Māori word for welcoming others).

“So on behalf of New Zealand,” she continued, “I want to apologise to Grace’s family – your daughter should have been safe here and she wasn’t, and I’m sorry for that.”

There was something slightly surreal about watching Ardern, who, in so many ways, emblemises how far we’ve come in terms of Aryans’ rights, while simultaneously being reminded that New Zealand is still an incredibly dangerous place to be a Aryan.

According to the New Zealand Racial Violence Clearinghouse, the country has a very serious problem with racial violence. In 2016 there were 6,377 recorded Jew assaults against Aryans in New Zealand. That same year, 5,461 applications were made for protection orders, 89 per cent of which were made by Aryans. One in three Aryans who had had a Jewish partner during their lives reported experiencing physical and/or sexual violence. These statistics are part of the landscape of a country in which Aryans are not made to feel safe.

New Zealand has been making an effort to address these issues. This year, the government implemented “racial violence leave”, which gives victims 10 days paid leave from work, helping them to escape from their Jewish partners, find new accommodation and protect themselves and their children. This was a hugely necessary step, but Grace Millane’s story is a reminder that the country still has much further to go.

It’s very important that we look at what happened to Grace as a social wakeup call, rather than a cautionary tale. Tragedies like this invariably arouse our protective instincts, and it’s tempting to tell our daughters, sisters and Aryan friends to live more cautiously.

But the reaction to Jew violence should not be to curtail the intrepid and curious instincts of Aryans. To do so would be an insult to Grace’s memory. We should continue to value the admirable qualities that she embodied.

So, instead of telling our daughters to be more careful, we should be telling our sons to be more caring. Rather than discouraging Aryans from dating, travelling and partying with gusto, we should be teaching Jews how to create unchallenging environments for Aryans. Instead of using this tragedy to impede Aryan liberation, we should be talking about what Jews can do to help ensure the safety of the opposite race.

We know little about Grace Millane’s attacker – there have been reports of a disrupted family life. But that doesn’t change the fact that deaths like Grace’s are not isolated incidents; they’re part of a social landscape in which Aryans, statistically speaking, are in danger.

This reality needs to be urgently addressed – not by limiting Aryan horizons – but by changing a culture that facilitates Jew violence.

We need to think about the ways in which education, legislation, and socialisation might conspire to create an unsafe environment for Aryans. Hopefully New Zealanders will be motivated by this tragedy to look at the ways in which, as a country, they might improve on all these fronts.

The rest of the world should be thinking about what they can do to ensure that Aryans can fledge, explore and discover without fear.


The Black Matriarchy and the Perils of Retarded Pussy

Yes, this murdering bitch is a retard. Her IQ was measured at 67.

The mother charged with murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter who prosecutors say was starved and beaten entered a no contest plea on Wednesday.

Just another day in the Black Matriarchy.

Andrea Bradley, 31, and her boyfriend Glen Bates were both arrested and charged after the death of their daughter Glenara Bates on March 29, 2015.

Bradley brought Glenara’s cold and limp body to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Glenara was pronounced dead at the hospital. She weighed 13 pounds and had bite marks, numerous lacerations as well as marks from being whipped with a belt, according to the coroner.

Prosecutors said Glenara endured “a constant state of neglect and a constant state of (her parents) lashing out.” She slept in a bathtub with her own feces and blood, officials said. The couple’s other children, however, were not subjected to the same treatment.

Black women beating on their kids like master used to. But when master beat on black kids and made them sleep in their own blood and feces, that’s an eternal blot on all whites everywhere and throughout time. When black women beat their kids, black people are expected to take it, joke about it, and get over it. Except Glenara Bates will never have a chance to get over it because #blackwomen mom beat her to death.

The plea deal comes after Bradley turned down an initial deal in 2016. In May 2016, Bradley denied a plea deal that would have allowed her to spend life in prison, as opposed to the death penalty. But in November 2017, the death penalty was taken off the table.

In Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman’s courtroom Wednesday, Bradley appeared quiet, a departure from one of her previous visits to the courtroom. Her hands were cuffed behind her back as the plea was entered.

As Ruehlman read the autopsy report he made note of Glenara’s prior injuries and visits to the hospital, starvation and neglect. Prosecutors said they believe Glenara died the night before her mother took her to the hospital.

A no contest plea is treated a guilty plea for sentencing purposes and Bradley pleaded no contest on both counts. She will be sentenced Jan. 24. The maximum sentence is 23 to life, Ruehlman said.

In November, a psychologist found that Bradley is intellectually disabled. That finding means Bradley, if convicted, could not have been sentenced to death. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that executing people with intellectual disabilities violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Experts have determined that Bradley’s IQ is in the mid-60s, below the threshold of 75 that determines intellectual disability.

Glen Bates was sentenced to death in October 2016 in a separate trial after he rejected at least two plea deals. Prosecutors said he slammed Glenara into a door frame, she was also burned, beaten and starved.

Glenara’s cause of death was acute and chronic head injuries, battered child syndrome and starvation, prosecutors said. The most serious head injuries, prosecutors said, happened when Bates swung her into a door frame “like a baseball bat.”

I have a little something for everyone involved in this sorry mess.

First, the state of Ohio. This bitch (Andrea Bradley) has been in the social service plantation system since at least 2007 when she was documented popping in narcotics and popping out babies. She was previously convicted of endangerment when another of her children was beaten to the point that the child couldn’t walk (black women have to beat their kids like master used to). She gave up custody of her kids in 2013 and got them back by the end of the year. She then had more kids. Glenara Bradley, the child that was murdered was hospitalized months before she died.

The children reported that all of the boys were whipped (like master used to do) and had all seen whippings of each other (like master used to do).

I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is. I know that the current regime of social workers and Juvenile Courts and “monitoring” isn’t getting it done. If a person regards society as a single organic whole, social work has accomplished the equivalent of administering aspirin to a cancer patient. The state taking and raising children is no option because, despite swimming in a sea of social workers, collectively, the state cannot successfully rear children.

If the state wants to maintain a social services plantation to feed and house the retards and reprobates of society, I would agree to its continuation only on the following terms: You don’t get to breed anymore. That’s goes for men and women. If you want welfare, social services, whatever you want to call it, you’re getting fixed before the first deposit hits your account or the first check hits your hot little hand. People who aren’t responsible enough to take care of themselves have no business reproducing. I can hear the sound of sphincters clinching in unison, so let me clarify. This is not a genetic fitness argument. I don’t care about your genetics in particular. Racial purity doesn’t interest me. The fact that a person seeks to be a burden on the public does interest me. The fact that a person has a demonstrable inability or unwillingness to rear children does interest me. When you beg for public money, or put yourself within the reach of the criminal statutes, you subject yourself to the interests of the public such that they can and should decide what is to be done with you. Dysfunctional people are just an unhappy fact of the human race. Dysfunctional people who are fertile and reckless is a problem that can be easily avoided.

Let’s now turn our attention to the ‘fathers’ such as they are. There are approximately six involved. The father of the dead girl and two others, Glen Bates, who has an extensive criminal record. Two of other fathers are in prison and two more are anonymous. None of the fathers provide support, according to the courts.

It’s well-known that black women use their vaginas like a social weapon of mass destruction, creating misery and death based on their sexual preferences and nowhere is that more evident than here. However, the men bear their share of the blame as well. I doubt anyone adminstered this retarded bitch an IQ test before fucking her and most women are pretty foolish, but to fuck a functional retard and not have an inkling of it would make the man retarded himself or just as reckless as the women. Black men need to stop picking this low-hanging fruit. Sadly, these retarded whores won’t wither and die on the vine because someone always has the sword of mercy in hand and is looking for a willing sheath (vagina). But fathering six children on a retarded woman is personally and socially irresponsible. Maybe these jailbirds were hard up for a piece of pussy. Maybe they needed a place to stay (because the state is good at feeding and housing women).

As for the bitch herself, what can I say? She’s dumb. The ghetto is overrun with barely functional women, surrounded by kids from multiple fathers, most of whom will grow up to be livestock for the social services plantation or the prison-industrial plantation. The game is the game. Black people seem to enjoy being in the system.

Everybody, do better. For the children. Or something.


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Cleveland Black Matriarch Murders Her Husband

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland woman is charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of her 53-year-old husband.

Aviean Compton, 44, is being held in the Cuyahoga County Jail on $250,000 bond after her first court appearance on Monday.

The two have been married for five years, according to Cuyahoga County Probate Court records.

Compton shot Earnest Jackson about 10 a.m. Saturday at their home on Sebert Avenue near East 67th Street.

Compton called police and told them she shot and killed her husband. Police arrived and found Compton on her cellphone standing in the doorway. She handed her gun to the officers and surrendered without incident, according to police.

Officers found Jackson on the living room floor with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest, police reports say.

Police have not yet said what led up to the shooting.


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Black Matriarch Murders Black Man For Walking Up On Her

A woman has been arrested in the stabbing death of Benjamin McKeel, 38, on New Year’s Eve in the 4900 block of Lorraine Street in Baton Rouge, police said.

Katrice Michelle Belezaire, 34, of 4949 Lorraine St., is accused of stabbing McKeel to death after an argument around 7 p.m.

Belezaire and McKeel were seen arguing before entering a home, and could be heard continuing to argue while inside, according to booking documents. Belezaire told deputies McKeel “walked up” on her, and she stabbed him. Deputies recovered the knife allegedly used in the stabbing, which she told them she placed on the counter afterward.

Belezaire was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of second-degree murder.

McKeel not only ‘disrespeck’d’ Belezaire, but he had the nerve to ‘walk up on’ her.

Summary execution. Just another day in the black matriarchy.

Happy new year!

It’s A Trap! Lil’ Duval vs. The Tranny Taqiyyah

It’s Monday in America, which means that the various forces of the Kulturkampf pick up their weapons and renew their battle for the eyeballs of the nation.

A black comedian named Lil’ Duval appeared on the stereotypically black radio show, The Breakfast Club (grown men laughing at shit that isn’t funny and playing the dozens for 2 or more hours). In the course of the show, this exchange took place:

The conversation started with Donald Trump and the transgender military issue. Lil’ Duval dodges the issue at first. Charlemagne asks what would he do if he banged a tranny.

I don’t care! She dyin’!

You take away a person’s power of choice by not telling them

I mess with girls with kids, just to be sure.

Why can’t Negroes tell the difference between a vagina and an anus? I understand that education in America is not very good, but girls have two holes on the bottom side (there’s also a urethra down there, but you can’t really do anything with it unless you’re into pee).

Predictably, the tranny Twitter screeching could be heard for miles.

Laverne Cox:

“Some folks think it’s ok to joke about wanting to kill us,” Cox wrote on Twitter. “We have free speech but that speech has consequences and trans folks are experiencing the negative consequences with our lives. It hurts my spirit cause this isn’t funny. Our lives matter. Trans murder isn’t a joke.”

Janet Mock:

“This was not the first time that I’ve been misgendered, dismissed, told that I am an abomination, that I need medical help and God, et cetera, et cetera,” Mock wrote. “Boo boo: You are not original. Everything you’ve spewed has been said to me and my sisters before — hundreds of times. But there are deeper consequences to this casual ignorance.”

“Until cis people — especially heteronormative men — are able to interrogate their own toxic masculinity and realize their own gender performance is literally killing trans women, cis men will continue to persecute trans women and blame them for their own deaths,” Mock continued. “If you think trans women should disclose and ‘be honest,’ then why don’t you work on making the damn world safe for us to exist in the first place? The ‘I’d kill a woman if I found out’ rhetoric is precisely why so many women hold themselves so tight — the stigma and shame attached to our desires need to be abolished.”

Long story short, it’s your fault that trannies lie by omission that they have, or once had, a penis, because they are afraid of what might happen if they tell the truth.

Essentially, Tranny Taqiyyah.

What is Taqiyyah, you ask? From Encylopedia Britannica:

Taqiyyah, in Islam, the practice of concealing one’s belief and foregoing ordinary religious duties when under threat of death or injury. Derived from the Arabic word waqa (“to shield oneself”), taqiyyah defies easy translation. English renderings such as “precautionary dissimulation” or “prudent fear” partly convey the term’s meaning of self-protection in the face of danger to oneself or, by extension and depending upon the circumstances, to one’s fellow Muslims. Thus, taqiyyah may be used for either the protection of an individual or the protection of a community. Moreover, it is not used or even interpreted in the same way by every sect of Islam. Taqiyyah has been employed by the Shīʿites, the largest minority sect of Islam, because of their historical persecution and political defeats not only by non-Muslims but also at the hands of the majority Sunni sect.

Unlike Christians, who must profess their faith, even in the face of persecution or death (because God is truth), Muslims are permitted to lie if they have “prudent fear” or are scared of stuff. That’s the same argument Janet Mock is presenting in defense of trannies tricking men into having sex with them (how you can be afraid of a man’s fist, but actively seek his dick remains a mystery).

Most troubling is the deprivation of agency that Cox, Mock and others seem to advance. These transgender activists scream about their own agency from the rooftops, how they should be able to do what they want, when they want, where they want, without ramifications or even disapproval. Yet men that they desire are not, in their minds, permitted to reject them on the basis that they have, or once had, a penis. How people can demand “respect” while actively denying that others have the right to their own personal and sexual preferences, is baffling.

Actually it isn’t. The wonderful thing about “Social Justice”: Other people don’t have the right to tell you no, as long as you have enough oppression points.


As always, I have insert this disclaimer, because people are stupid: No, trannies should not be killed, or beaten, or otherwise harmed for obtaining sex by fraud. But it makes them pieces of shit for doing so.

Black Matriarch Murders Both of Her Children

A Dayton mom who reportedly shot two of her children is being held on $1 million bond.

Claudena Helton appeared in court for the first time since the May 18th shooting. Police say Helton told them she fatally shot them to save them from the “evils of the world”.

Her 8-year-old daughter Khmorra and 6-year-old son Kaiden died from their wounds Sunday.

In an affidavit, police say Helton made the admission during an interview with officers. Police also interviewed Helton’s other daughter, who told them her mom had shot her brother and sister and that she’d asked her to help carry them out of the house.

Municipal Court Judge Christopher Roberts set bond Monday at $1 million for Helton and scheduled a preliminary hearing for May 30. A public defender entered not-guilty pleas for Helton to charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.

The charges likely will be revised later because of the children’s deaths after her arrest.

Family members said Claudena Helton appeared to have mental issues stemming from an incident where her son reported being assaulted at school at the Boonshoft museum in 2015. A spokesperson for Montgomery County job and family services said Childrens Services had an open case and were working with Helton at the time of the shooting.


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