The Black Matriarchy and the Perils of Retarded Pussy

Yes, this murdering bitch is a retard. Her IQ was measured at 67.

The mother charged with murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter who prosecutors say was starved and beaten entered a no contest plea on Wednesday.

Just another day in the Black Matriarchy.

Andrea Bradley, 31, and her boyfriend Glen Bates were both arrested and charged after the death of their daughter Glenara Bates on March 29, 2015.

Bradley brought Glenara’s cold and limp body to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Glenara was pronounced dead at the hospital. She weighed 13 pounds and had bite marks, numerous lacerations as well as marks from being whipped with a belt, according to the coroner.

Prosecutors said Glenara endured “a constant state of neglect and a constant state of (her parents) lashing out.” She slept in a bathtub with her own feces and blood, officials said. The couple’s other children, however, were not subjected to the same treatment.

Black women beating on their kids like master used to. But when master beat on black kids and made them sleep in their own blood and feces, that’s an eternal blot on all whites everywhere and throughout time. When black women beat their kids, black people are expected to take it, joke about it, and get over it. Except Glenara Bates will never have a chance to get over it because #blackwomen mom beat her to death.

The plea deal comes after Bradley turned down an initial deal in 2016. In May 2016, Bradley denied a plea deal that would have allowed her to spend life in prison, as opposed to the death penalty. But in November 2017, the death penalty was taken off the table.

In Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman’s courtroom Wednesday, Bradley appeared quiet, a departure from one of her previous visits to the courtroom. Her hands were cuffed behind her back as the plea was entered.

As Ruehlman read the autopsy report he made note of Glenara’s prior injuries and visits to the hospital, starvation and neglect. Prosecutors said they believe Glenara died the night before her mother took her to the hospital.

A no contest plea is treated a guilty plea for sentencing purposes and Bradley pleaded no contest on both counts. She will be sentenced Jan. 24. The maximum sentence is 23 to life, Ruehlman said.

In November, a psychologist found that Bradley is intellectually disabled. That finding means Bradley, if convicted, could not have been sentenced to death. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that executing people with intellectual disabilities violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Experts have determined that Bradley’s IQ is in the mid-60s, below the threshold of 75 that determines intellectual disability.

Glen Bates was sentenced to death in October 2016 in a separate trial after he rejected at least two plea deals. Prosecutors said he slammed Glenara into a door frame, she was also burned, beaten and starved.

Glenara’s cause of death was acute and chronic head injuries, battered child syndrome and starvation, prosecutors said. The most serious head injuries, prosecutors said, happened when Bates swung her into a door frame “like a baseball bat.”

I have a little something for everyone involved in this sorry mess.

First, the state of Ohio. This bitch (Andrea Bradley) has been in the social service plantation system since at least 2007 when she was documented popping in narcotics and popping out babies. She was previously convicted of endangerment when another of her children was beaten to the point that the child couldn’t walk (black women have to beat their kids like master used to). She gave up custody of her kids in 2013 and got them back by the end of the year. She then had more kids. Glenara Bradley, the child that was murdered was hospitalized months before she died.

The children reported that all of the boys were whipped (like master used to do) and had all seen whippings of each other (like master used to do).

I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is. I know that the current regime of social workers and Juvenile Courts and “monitoring” isn’t getting it done. If a person regards society as a single organic whole, social work has accomplished the equivalent of administering aspirin to a cancer patient. The state taking and raising children is no option because, despite swimming in a sea of social workers, collectively, the state cannot successfully rear children.

If the state wants to maintain a social services plantation to feed and house the retards and reprobates of society, I would agree to its continuation only on the following terms: You don’t get to breed anymore. That’s goes for men and women. If you want welfare, social services, whatever you want to call it, you’re getting fixed before the first deposit hits your account or the first check hits your hot little hand. People who aren’t responsible enough to take care of themselves have no business reproducing. I can hear the sound of sphincters clinching in unison, so let me clarify. This is not a genetic fitness argument. I don’t care about your genetics in particular. Racial purity doesn’t interest me. The fact that a person seeks to be a burden on the public does interest me. The fact that a person has a demonstrable inability or unwillingness to rear children does interest me. When you beg for public money, or put yourself within the reach of the criminal statutes, you subject yourself to the interests of the public such that they can and should decide what is to be done with you. Dysfunctional people are just an unhappy fact of the human race. Dysfunctional people who are fertile and reckless is a problem that can be easily avoided.

Let’s now turn our attention to the ‘fathers’ such as they are. There are approximately six involved. The father of the dead girl and two others, Glen Bates, who has an extensive criminal record. Two of other fathers are in prison and two more are anonymous. None of the fathers provide support, according to the courts.

It’s well-known that black women use their vaginas like a social weapon of mass destruction, creating misery and death based on their sexual preferences and nowhere is that more evident than here. However, the men bear their share of the blame as well. I doubt anyone adminstered this retarded bitch an IQ test before fucking her and most women are pretty foolish, but to fuck a functional retard and not have an inkling of it would make the man retarded himself or just as reckless as the women. Black men need to stop picking this low-hanging fruit. Sadly, these retarded whores won’t wither and die on the vine because someone always has the sword of mercy in hand and is looking for a willing sheath (vagina). But fathering six children on a retarded woman is personally and socially irresponsible. Maybe these jailbirds were hard up for a piece of pussy. Maybe they needed a place to stay (because the state is good at feeding and housing women).

As for the bitch herself, what can I say? She’s dumb. The ghetto is overrun with barely functional women, surrounded by kids from multiple fathers, most of whom will grow up to be livestock for the social services plantation or the prison-industrial plantation. The game is the game. Black people seem to enjoy being in the system.

Everybody, do better. For the children. Or something.


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Cleveland Black Matriarch Murders Her Husband

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland woman is charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of her 53-year-old husband.

Aviean Compton, 44, is being held in the Cuyahoga County Jail on $250,000 bond after her first court appearance on Monday.

The two have been married for five years, according to Cuyahoga County Probate Court records.

Compton shot Earnest Jackson about 10 a.m. Saturday at their home on Sebert Avenue near East 67th Street.

Compton called police and told them she shot and killed her husband. Police arrived and found Compton on her cellphone standing in the doorway. She handed her gun to the officers and surrendered without incident, according to police.

Officers found Jackson on the living room floor with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest, police reports say.

Police have not yet said what led up to the shooting.


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Black Matriarch Murders Both of Her Children

A Dayton mom who reportedly shot two of her children is being held on $1 million bond.

Claudena Helton appeared in court for the first time since the May 18th shooting. Police say Helton told them she fatally shot them to save them from the “evils of the world”.

Her 8-year-old daughter Khmorra and 6-year-old son Kaiden died from their wounds Sunday.

In an affidavit, police say Helton made the admission during an interview with officers. Police also interviewed Helton’s other daughter, who told them her mom had shot her brother and sister and that she’d asked her to help carry them out of the house.

Municipal Court Judge Christopher Roberts set bond Monday at $1 million for Helton and scheduled a preliminary hearing for May 30. A public defender entered not-guilty pleas for Helton to charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.

The charges likely will be revised later because of the children’s deaths after her arrest.

Family members said Claudena Helton appeared to have mental issues stemming from an incident where her son reported being assaulted at school at the Boonshoft museum in 2015. A spokesperson for Montgomery County job and family services said Childrens Services had an open case and were working with Helton at the time of the shooting.


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The Greatest Pussy Pass of 2016

On May 19, 2015, Autumn Hines, 20, of Youngstown, OH, stabbed and killed Rashad Bailey.

Today, she’s free on five years probation.

How did this sorry set of events come to pass?

At some point, Hines and Bailey, like many black couples, just hooked up and ended up living together. At the time, Hines had two children from previous “relationships” (read: getting rode raw by random negroes), and black men, we just have to accept other men’s kids, don’t we? It just comes with the package. Barbie comes with the Dream House, GI Joe comes with the kung-fu grip, and Autumn comes with bastard offspring. Rashad does what any sensible man would do: He has a couple more babies with Autumn, because that’s really all she’s good for, breeding offspring for the State.

But all was not well with the Bailey-Hines bunch. The police were called to the residence multiple times on allegations of domestic violence, but Hines declined to press charges(convenient that).

Everything came to a head on Monday, May 18, 2015. Hines gave Bailey her food card (you know the government’s broodmares got to have their rations) to buy baby formula for the kids. He did not return until Tuesday the 19th, without formula. An argument ensued between Bailey and Hines. Hines claimed that Bailey hit her. Bailey went outside to the porch. Hines grabbed a knife. When Bailey tried to walk back in the house, Hines stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

The medics and police arrived. Bailey was taken to St. Elizabeth where he died. The police processed the scene and booked Hines for murder.

Hines’ attorney, Lynn Maro wove a heart-rending tale of woe about the life of Ms. Hines. How she was put in foster care at the age of 2 because her own parents were in prison (Reprobates breeding more reprobates), and was “abused” (how ever you choose to interpret that nebulous term) in the home she was place in.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Bromberg, a practicing clinical psychologist in Centerville, OH, and paid mercenary, I mean, expert witness, testified to the jury about “Battered Woman Syndrome” and that she stabbed Rashad Bailey, not just because Bailey and Hines fought, but because of everything else that went wrong in her life (babies, dicks, and drugs).


The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, in its dubious legal wisdom, knocked down the charge from murder to plea of guilty for involuntary manslaughter. Judge Lou D’Apolito accepted the plea and sentenced Hines to five years of probation. Judge D’Apolito also sentenced the mother of four and pregnant with a fifth, to get a GED, get drug counselling and find a job.

I’ll bet good money that the BlackLivesMatter crowd is silent on this black life snuffed out and his killer walking free.

I’ll bet good money that none of the feminist harpies get as upset as they did when Brock Turner got six months for finger-popping a drunk woman.

This is just another piece of evidence that lends weight to the theory that black females are sponsored by the government to destroy the black community in general and black men in particular. This female is 20 years old with four kids with a fifth on the way. Do the math on that one. The latest she could have started having kids was at 15. As the court pointed out, she had no GED, no job, and had a drug habit. She couldn’t hit the books, but she could hit the dope and dick at a 12th grade level.

And when she does have kids, what does the state of Ohio do?

Do they take the baby from this irresponsible, underage mother?


Do they get her an IUD or some other long-term birth control solution ($150) to keep her from using her vagina recklessly?


The state of Ohio hands this bitch a food card! Why? Because having babies and then putting your hand out to the government is a broke bitch’s hustle. And she did what any good broke bitch would do: she had three more. More babies = more money.

Perverse incentives, ladies and gentlemen. Economics might be boring, but it is instructive.

On the subject of having kids, what sort of person was Autumn Hines having kids with? With whom did she choose to mix her genes with and bring forth life into the world?

A man who likes stealing stuff.

Rashad Bailey had an offense from 2011 in which he pled guilty to Attempted Theft (11CRB02650Y). This does not justify his murder; it is indicative of the cycle, perpetuated by black females and their atavistic, hybristophiliac mating strategies. Law-abiding, upstanding black men don’t get sex, at least, not when they want it and not from who they want. They get to play janitor, cleaning up after the Rashad Baileys of black people, when a black female has one through four kids, her body looks like shit, and she has all the charm and openness of a junkyard dog. But a Rashad Bailey, who likes stealing, or a Kareem Courtney (see the Korryn Gaines shooting) who slings heroin, or any other black male who exists solely to kill, steal, and destroy, they have no problem getting sex and making babies.

Finally, this bitch got five years probation on a murder, excuse me, INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Even though there was nothing “involuntary” about it. I’ve got at least a half-dozen stories demonstrating that black females, when “provoked” as seems to be their perpetual state, resort to knives to settle their disputes. And, as is the case in domestic violence, Hines was probably giving as good as she was getting, which is part of the strange interplay of people in relationships of persistent domestic violence.

But thanks to feminist legal minds, we have Battered Woman Syndrome, which is more like a freestanding “license to kill” than the common justification of “self-defense.” No immediate or reasonable belief that one is in danger of death or great bodily harm. A woman must merely invoke the magic words “he hit me,” true or not, and all is forgiven. A man may hit a woman, withdraw from the conflict, the woman goes to get a weapon and kills him later and that’s perfectly okay.

I don’t need to point out the obvious, but I’ll go ahead and do it: No man could have gotten this sweet of deal if a woman punched him and he stabbed her. No man could have gotten this sweet of a deal if he had taken beatings all his life, including from his girlfriend and he finally says, “enough” and stabbed her in the chest. He’d be doing at least 20 years because…EQUALITY. The “Patriarchy” will extract no vengeance from this female despite this woman murdering this man (and his being a “Patriarch” in the most literal sense). She is free to continue profiting from producing children, three of which will have been fathered by her victim.

Men, you’d better wake up and realize that you’re playing a rigged game. You’d better realize that if she wants you alive, and you have children by her, she will make you 18 Years a Slave and there won’t be anything short of smuggling yourself to Bahrain than you can do to stop it. And if she wants you dead, all she has to do is say “he hit me” and she will skip out of the front doors of the jail before the dirt settles over your casket.

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Black Matriarch Tries To Drown Her Daughter

AKRON, Ohio – An Akron woman has been arrested and charged after she drove her car into Summit Lake with her young daughter inside, police said.

Dee’Andra McGhee, 24, is charged with attempted murder, child endangering and criminal damaging, Akron police said Tuesday. She remains in Summit County Jail.

Akron police responded about 6 p.m. Monday to the 1500 block of Manchester Road. Officers said McGhee put her 2-year-old daughter into her 2007 Chevy Cobalt and drove into Summit Lake in an attempted suicide.

Two bystanders jumped into the lake and rescued the mother and daughter, police said. McGhee and her daughter were taken to the hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

McGhee was released and taken to jail. The toddler is currently in the custody of a family member, police said.

McGhee is scheduled to appear for arraignment 9 a.m. Wednesday in Akron Municipal Court, court records show.


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Ohio Woman Invites Ex-Husband Over For Sex; Falsely Accuses Him of Rape

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio —A Middletown woman was arrested for falsely reporting a rape, which resulted in the arrest of her estranged husband, police said.

Officials said Misty Mackey, 35, called police on Sunday to report the alleged crime in the 1300 block of Oxford State Road. Police arrived and arrested Mackey’s estranged husband.

Following an investigation, officials said they discovered that Mackey lied about reports of rape, domestic violence and burglary.

Police said Mackey invited her estranged husband over for consensual relations, and then lied to officers, emergency room staff, the court and an investigating detective.

Mackey was booked into the Middletown City Jail on charges of making false reports and falsification.

Charges against her estranged husband were dropped.


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Students Expelled For Sexual Assault Sue University of Findlay

Two former students of the University of Findlay are suing the school. Findlay officials expelled Alphonso Baity and Justin Browning in 2014 on the accusation that they raped a white female student in September of the same year. Baity and Brown are co-plaintiffs in federal court for the northern district of Ohio. Among the allegations of the Baity and Brown are that M.K. lied about consensual sex, leading to their expulsion, that Findlay violated their civil rights, that the university did not follow its own procedures with respect to sexual assault allegations, and that the investigation in the allegations against them violated Title IX’s guarantee to a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution of allegations.

It’s All Fun And Games….

Baity and Browning were housemates at 438 Howard Street with two other student-athletes, identified in the complaint as Q.J. and Z.W. The accuser, M.K. befriended Q.J. and had sex with him. As an example, the plaintiffs allege that they on one occasion witnessed M.K. having oral sex with Q.J. in the common living area and continue despite the plaintiffs’ presence. She frequently socialized with all of the housemates, including the plaintiffs.

On September 20, 2014, M.K. approached Browning in the school dining hall and tried to give him her phone number. Browning refused due to the team rules. (Just say no to jersey chasers!) The next day, Browning, M.K., R.J., Q.J., and K.A. gathered at the students’ house. R.J. and K.A. made a Taco Bell run. Q.J. observed M.K. consent to enter Browning and Baity’s shared room. Witnesses Z.W., A.D. and Q.J. later witnessed sounds of voluntary consent, including use of the word “yes.” (Daniel Bryan will not be called as a witness). Browning asserts that M.K. undressed herself and sucked his dick, then they had sex in what the complaint alleges “multiple positions” including M.K. riding Browning. No force or coercion was ever used against M.K. Baity returned and entered the room he shared with Browning. He heard M.K. and Browing mid-coitus. When it sounded like they stopped, Baity entered the room to retrieve his phone charger. M.K. invited Baity to have sex with her. She sucked his dick and then had sex with him. Plaintiffs’ witnesses claim that M.K., once she was finished, strolled around the house naked in full view of the residents and several other female houseguests. She returned to the bedroom for another round with Browning before going to sleep with him.

The following day, around 11 a.m. M.K. after searching for her keys and a conversation with the plaintiffs, returned to her dorm at Deming Hall. Plaintiffs’ witness H.S., observed M.K. bragging about the previous evening’s sexual encounter. At no point did she make any claims of involuntary or forced sexual contact. She also recounted the story to witness J.F., including roaming through the Plaintiffs’ house nude.

Until She Accuses You Of Rape

October 1, 2014, ten days after sexy-fun-time, M.K. filed a report with Findlay administrators claiming the Plaintiffs sexually assaulted her on September 20, 2014. Plaintiffs allege that the subsequent investigation in M.K.’s claim violated the university’s Title IX investigation procedures. The investigator did not interview M.K. beyond her initial report, not even with regard to the existence of a video recording of the night’s sexual activities. Of the three Black witnesses present during the sexual activity, the university only interviewed Q.J., who stated that all of the sex that night had been voluntary. One of the two other White women present, K.A. testified that she observed the sex with the Plaintiffs to have been completely voluntary. The other, A.D., corroborated K.A.’s statements. The Plaintiffs allege that the university administration retaliated against both; that K.A. was removed from a more desirable work-study position in campus security dispatch and forced to take a less desirable job; A.D. was threatened with expulsion.

On October 2, 2014, Plaintiffs were interviewed separately by university administration. At no point before or during the interview were they informed of the specific allegations against them, they were not advised of their rights, and they did not receive the benefit of advice or counsel. Plaintiff Browning claimed that a video tape of that night, including the sex with M.K. existed. The university investigators made no effort to locate or secure the recording. The amount of time spent on the total investigation was less than 24 hours. On Friday, October 3, 2014, the university issued expulsion letter to the Plaintiffs. The letters stated that, based on the university’s investigation, the Plaintiffs had sexually assaulted M.K. and as a result, the Plaintiffs were required to leave the premises by noon the next day. Additionally, they were banned from any university-affiliated events on or off-campus. Subsequent appeals of their expulsions were denied without explanation. At no point did the university or M.K. contact the Findlay Police Department or the Hancock County Prosecutor.

What Does It All Mean?

My pure speculation on this matter: “M.K.” was a blue ribbon jersey-chaser, trying to fuck her way into being girlfriend, but none of these uppity negroes would play ball with her (she had no problem with playing with their balls) and make her an honest girlfriend. In the alternative, maybe video evidence of her having a Brazzers session with Browning and Baity and they were unwilling to erase or give her the video. M.K.’s report to the school mentions her belief that the Browning and Baity had a video of her. In either scenario, she pulled the trump card, cried rape, and here we are.

The Cult of “Believe Her-ism” has run amok. The Plaintiffs allege that the University of Findlay’s Title IX investigation was a sham, which, based on their complaint, it sounds like it was. The only evidence the school required was the spectral evidence of “Believe Her” and no witnesses to the contrary were sufficient to overcome it. These Title IX “investigations” are a joke, a sham, show trials that would have made the Soviet Politburo envious. Its procedures are a farce and offer the accused no protection. But this is the world that feminists and college administrators want, a retelling of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, where every woman gets to play Abigail Williams.

This last part goes out to college men in general, and black men in particular. When you are in college in this “progressive” day and age, you are Daniel in the lions’ den. A rape charge is a surefire way to derail a young black man’s future. In the best case scenario, you are Jameis Winston, beat all of the charges, win the Heisman, and get drafted as the first pick in the first round. Worst case scenario, you are Brian Banks and do six years for a rape you never committed and the people who put you there, including the woman, don’t offer you so much as an apology. This case lands somewhere in the middle. Browning and Baity didn’t go to prison, but their reputations have pretty much been ruined.

Stick with the townies. Dipping your pen in school ink is more dangerous than it has ever been.

Complaint: Browning et al. v. University of Findlay et al.