Feminist Rails Against Legalized Prostitution Based on Fundamental Misunderstanding of Economics, Criminology, and the Sexual Marketplace

Kat Banyard, a British Feminist and founder of UK Feminista, attempts to explain why prostitution is exploitative…and fails.

Right now, a global push is under way for governments to not only tolerate but actively enable the sex trade. The call is clear: decriminalise brothel keepers, pimps and other “third parties”, allowing them to profiteer freely – and certainly don’t dampen demand for the trade. This is no mundane policy prescription. The stakes are immense.

Feminists know everything under heaven except how voluntary transactions work and why they are preferable to involuntary transactions.

For all the ways it is marketed, the sex trade boils down to a very simple product concept: a person (usually a man) can pay to sexually access the body of someone (usually a woman), who does not freely want to have sex with him. He knows that’s the case – otherwise he wouldn’t have to pay her to be there. The money isn’t coincidence, it’s coercion. And we have a term for that: sexual abuse. Getting governments to facilitate a commercial market in sexual exploitation therefore requires masking it with myths such as: that demand is inevitable; that paying for sex is a consumer transaction, not abuse; that pornography is mere “fantasy” and that decriminalising the entire trade, pimping and brothel keeping included, helps keep women safe.

This is some top-shelf nonsense. By her standard of “coercion” every person who works a job for money is “exploited.” How many men throw garbage into trucks because they freely choose to dig into other people’s waste? How many people mop floors because it edifies their soul? How many men’s life long dream is it to be a truck driver, or a gravedigger, or any of a hundred more dangerous and lower paid jobs than being a whore?

In Pimp State, I set out to track down the reality behind these myths.

It took me to a multi-storey brothel in Stuttgart, where I accompanied Sabine Constabel, a local support worker, as she went room to room to let women know there was a doctor available for them to see that night. Thirteen years earlier, the German government had bowed to calls for pimping and brothel keeping to be decriminalised, so this one operated openly and legally, with fewer regulations placed on it than the restaurants we passed to get there. Constabel didn’t hesitate when I asked her who drove efforts for prostitution to be recognised as work. “It was people running the brothels … they wanted these laws that made it possible to earn as much money as possible.” Those laws have certainly delivered for some. Germany is now home to a chain of so-called “mega-brothels” and a sex trade estimated to be worth €16bn (£14.5bn) annually.

That sounds pretty civilized to me. People petitioned the government, the government approved of their petitioning, and they got what they wanted. No guns needed to be fired, no blood was shed, no one was beaten, or killed, or anything of the other events arise when political discourse breaks down.

The women Sabine and I met that night in Stuttgart lived and “worked” in their single room in the brothel. None spoke German as a first language, and all were young – most around 20 years old. The brothel owner charged each woman €120 a day for her room, which translated as having to perform sex acts on about four men every day before she could even break even. “I have women here, young women … They say: ‘I died here,’” Sabine told me. “I can empathise with what they mean. I believe them. I believe them that in reality the ‘johns’ can damage the women to the extent that it is not possible for everything to go back to normal.”

And now…it’s time for math!

€120 for four johns equals €30 per hour. That’s some pretty economically-priced pussy. I am assuming that the brothel-keepers, in line with industry standards in America, stipulate that the €30 covers the first hour or the first nut, whichever “comes” first, so whores are typically not getting railed for an hour straight. Four hours covers the expense of the room. If a whore works four more hours, she walks away with €120 in her pocket. According to Glassdoor.com a McDonald’s Crewmember in Germany earns €8.85 per hour. In the same eight-hour shift, our non-German speaking whore would gross €80.50 for the day. Our actual whore is grossing €39.50 more than our imaginary McDonald’s worker in the same period of time for less physically rigorous work.

In the feminist narrative, no female would WILLINGLY sell pussy. In reality, selling pussy is not only an economically sound decision for many women with few useful job skills, but it is a smart economic decision for an attractive woman who could easily clear €120 in an hour or less.

Researching Pimp State also led me to spend hours speaking to johns – sex buyers – after placing an ad in my local paper for men willing to talk about why they pay for sex. Based on the response my advert got, there is no shortage of sex buyers ready to ruminate about what they do. Indeed, the number of men who pay for sex in the UK almost doubled during the 1990s to one in 10, with a survey of 6,000 men finding that those most likely to pay for sex were young professionals with high numbers of (unpaid) sexual partners. I heard a range of justifications rolled out by the men I spoke to about why they pay women for sex: “I don’t have any option … At the moment I’m just single so I have to buy it”; “It’s just a male thing where it’s get as many as you can” … “I think it’s just a fact of ‘I’ve done my duty’,” for instance.

I’m not certain why it is more honorable to bid for pussy with food and entertainment than it is just pay for it with actual cash.

What united these men, however, was an overpowering sense of entitlement to sexually access women’s bodies. Some explicitly drew on the notion that they were merely consumers availing workers of their services. One complained about occasions that had been “poor value for money” – which he defined as “them clearly not enjoying it”. Another man described having paid for sex with a woman who obviously didn’t want to be there as a “very bad service, very”. He recalled over the phone: “We went upstairs and, how can I say, she was, like, very frigid. Very frigid. It was very disappointing in the sense I was paying … no touching in places like I would like. Even the sex was really, really crap. It was really, really disappointing.”

Yes, when you pay for prostitution, you are buying a service. If you paid for a massage and the massuese spent an hour beating you in the head with a stick, you would probably complain that it was a bad massage and you didn’t enjoy it. If you went to a restaurant and the waiter slapped you across the back of the head everytime he passed you, you would complain about the service, no matter how good the food was. If you hailed a taxi and the drive crashed into every lamppost on the way to your destination, you would complain that it was bad service, despite reaching your destination.

An “expectation” is not an “entitlement” but a customer in a freely-bargained for exchange of goods for services is entitled to complain when the services aren’t what he bargained for or expected.

Above all, the journey of unpicking the myths that surround the sex trade led me to the inescapable conclusion that change is possible, that we don’t have to live within cultural and legal lines laid out by pimps and pornographers, that there is an alternative. And it is the courage and compassion demonstrated by the many inspirational campaigners I met while writing the book that is required to get us there. Campaigners like Diane Martin CBE, who after being exploited in prostitution in her late teens, spent nearly two decades supporting other women to exit the trade, and now campaigns for an abolitionist law in the UK. First pioneered in Sweden, the abolitionist legal framework works to end demand for the sex trade. It criminalises sex-buying and third-party profiteering, but it completely decriminalises selling sex and provides support and exiting services for people exploited through prostitution.

Ah, the “Nordic Model.” And how is that working out?

Amnesty International published a report on May 23, 2016 about the effects of the “Nordic Model” anti-prostitution law in Norway where “buying sex is illegal, but selling sex is okay”. Let’s take a quick peek:

Police are required to enforce the ban on promotion, the law against trafficking and the ban on buying sex. The regulations are based on the legislators’ view on prostitution as an unwanted phenomenon, and a wish to stop all forms of organization of these activities. The tasks of the police when meeting with people in prostitution are, therefore, complex and challenging.

As a preventative measure against the establishment of the brothel run by foreign human traffickers, the police in Oslo for example enforce the Penal Law through their prohibition to rent out facilities for use in prostitution. People who sell sex from rented apartments risk being evicted, since the landlord may incur criminal liability based on current legislation.”

Prostitution by whores who don’t own their own premises are grounds to evict them. Good job, feminists.

The concept of “promotion” under
the law is broad enough to include sex workers working together or with any other person, such as a cleaner, receptionist or security guard, for the purposes of safety. Working together also increases the likelihood of raids and subsequent evictions as is likely to be viewed by police as “organized prostitution”.

Prostitutes can’t hire security or screeners or door guards, because that would be “promotion” and “organization.” Good job, feminists.

Amnesty International’s research found significant evidence that sex workers continue to be criminalized and penalized directly and indirectly in a variety of ways by the legal framework in Norway – whether they are selling sex from rented premises or hotels or working together or whether they are migrants and in the country on tourist visas. Sex workers also told Amnesty International that the threat of losing their livelihood meant they were unlikely to go to the police to report buyers unless they were extremely violent. In terms of seriousness, the threat and impact of forced eviction, deportation and loss of livelihood on people who sell sex far exceeds the implications of a 15,000 – 25,000 kroner (US$1,700–2,850) fine for buyers. Amnesty International does not consider that buyers now “have most to fear” from the police in Norway. The aim of the “Nordic Model” that the balance of criminalization should be shifted from seller to buyer -has not been realized for the majority of people selling sex in Norway, particularly the most marginalized, who are still penalized, and potentially criminalized, under the law.

Whores will only go to the police if a john roughs them up too much, and whores are afraid to report johns out of fear of losing their livelihood? Good job, feminists.

Here’s another place where the feminist narrative and reality part ways. There is a concept in criminology and economics called the “black market premium.” The more penalized a good or service is, the more expensive it becomes (evading law enforcement ain’t cheap) and the more likely it is to draw dangerous people into supplying and producing it (a person who willingly commits one felony for money will likely commit other felonies). In America, we saw alcohol prohibition turn portions of America into a war zone between law enforcement against criminals and criminals against each other. American and European drug prohibition has turned petty criminals into millionaires and warlords. Sex prohibition has created multimillion dollar human trafficking operations from Eastern Europe and South East Asia and parts of Africa.

But feminists will never let collateral damage happening in the real world tarnish their affection for plainly destructive and irrational policies.

Back to the article:

A trade based on men paying to sexually access women’s bodies is fundamentally incompatible with sex equality. It is up to us to make sure equality wins out.

The sexes are not equal. Pussy is expensive and dick is cheap. That concept is universal across all sexual species on Earth. Males demonstrate value, females accept value in exchange for access to sex. It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding ring, a house, or a €30 toss in the sack.

Until females are willing to buy dick, or stop trading pussy for resources, the sexes will never be equal. Men will play the game for sex, not by the “rules” that feminists articulate, but by the rules they see females actually playing by … which is pussy for resources and status.



HIV-Positive Black Matriarch Goes Hacksaw Jim Duggan on a Cop with a Two-By-Four


Elizabeth A. Glover, 50, of Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, FL, attacked officer Bruce Warzoha with a two-by-four. Warzoha responded to a call about a fight involving several people on the 100 block of Southwest Ninth Avenue. One of them was Glover who was allegedly an aggressor in the fight. Warzoha told Glover to leave the area. Instead, Glover picked up a two-by-four and smashed Warzoha on the right side of his head.

Glover was charged with aggravated battery on an officer, and released after posting $7,500 bail.

Wait, what?

$7,500? That’s it? A Black matriarch tries to clip a cop’s head off and her bail is set at $7,500?

Black Lives Matters complains, for whatever reason, about black women being killed by the police, and yet this female somehow made to the police station, the arraignment, and the clerk’s office, and is now free walking the streets again after she hit a cop with a board. That’s how you know black females are nice and comfortable with the current political power structure in America: They can protest, riot, even attack cops with weapons, and their White Daddy, the government, will give them a low bail and set them loose to fuck up the community further.

This particular black matriarch has a history of reckless and violent conduct: Since 2004, Glover has been arrested for prostitution and criminal transmission of HIV.

Somebody paid this bitch? For sex? With actual legal tender?

Ha! Ha! Ha!


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Black Matriarch Pimps Out Teenage Crack Whore

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Police arrest a woman they say was forcing a teenager to prostitute herself for crack.

Police arrested 30-year-old Brenda Hopewell in Lexington on Tuesday and charged her with human trafficking.

Court documents say Hopewell made the 15-year-old runaway have sex with multiple partners and kept all the money.

Records say the teen was paid in rock cocaine.

Hopewell will go before a judge Wednesday.


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Porucha Phillips, Mother of Six, Arrested For Chaining and Leashing Children in Her Backyard



Porucha Phillips, 34 of San Antonio, TX…jeez this is a…I don’t know what to call this creature. This female looks like a knock-off Mrs. Potato-Head (TM) that you find in the Dollar General on clearance with some parts missing. Oh this is just….ugh.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department arrested Porucha Phillips on Friday after a neighbor called the 911 to report that she heard a child continuously crying. When the police arrived, they found a two-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl tied up in the backyard of Phillips’ residence. The boy was chained by the ankle to a stake in the ground. The girl, who had a fractured arm, was restrained by a leash to the frame of the backdoor. The police also found six unattended children in the house ranging in age from 10 months to 13 years and are believed to be Phillips’…

Really? Really? REALLY?! One of you has had sex with this thing? You took your clothes off, six times. You took her clothes off, six times. You inserted your penis into this…thing, six times with no condom. Oh my God. I would rather fuck my own foot.

When Phillips and returned to the residence Friday morning, the police her into custody. Phillips, who was determined to be pregnant at the time of her arrest…

Goddammit, really? I’m not going to be able to finish this. I need to go have some liquor. But I would die of alcohol poisoning before I could fuck that beast of the fields. This is disgusting.

The police took the children to the hospital. The girl was placed in intensive care. The police interviewed Phillips who claimed that the children found in the yard weren’t hers, that she didn’t have the means to care for them, and that she intended to take them to fire station and leave them there (what better place to store unwanted children than on leashes and chains in the backyard?) The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department stated that based on their investigations, Phillips moved to her San Antonio residence in October 2015. Since arriving, the police had been called to her house on calls about noise, animal cruelty, and burglary in the same month (model citizen, this one). Records also indicate that she is originally from Sacramento, California, and was arrested in Reno, Nevada in 2003 for soliciting prostitution…

Jesus Christ, I give up. You all are fucking these disgusting beasts, getting them pregnant, and letting them raise your offspring, and wondering why black people are in as bad of a position as they are in. White women like to say “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” What about the hand that chains the children in the yard? They just rule the bullshit ghetto filled with disgusting females and wild children. I’d understand how she has six kids if this female actually looked like something, but come on! Look at this bitch!

The only ray of sunlight in this whole fucked up story is that another hoodrat grew a conscience and turned Porucha Phillips in to her white benefactors, the government:

Quite a mouth on her. Four kids? Check. Grandchildren? Check. Living in the ghetto? Check. At least we now know that chaining kids in the background is enough to motivate the neighbors to call the police.

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Canadian Real Estate Agent Acquitted of False Rape Charge

A jury acquitted real agent Henry Jiang, 34, of five counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment. A prostitute filed a false complaint that he had raped her in 2014 in Doncaster East.

Jiang maintained that the sex was consensual, but did plead guilty to theft. He took some cash and a cell phone from her while she showered. He explained that they had smoked methamphetamine together and he believed she stolen some of the drugs from him. He took the $500 he paid for her services from her and her phone so she couldn’t call her driver/pimp.

Judge Parrish ordered Jiang to make restitution in the amounts of $500 (for the sex) and $200 (for the phone) to the prostitute. The judge also imposed a $200 fine to be paid to a charity of the court’s choosing.


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The Haruka Weiser Murder: Updates

We’ve had some developments in the Haruka Weiser murder and its primary suspect, Meechaiel Criner.

Vivian Lafrance Criner

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Meechaiel Criner’s mother is one Vivian Lafrance Criner. Based on its investigation and an interview with Meechaiel Criner’s great-uncle Leo Criner, the mother Vivian, was a drug addict during her pregnancy with Meechaiel. In addition, her career includes prostitution and pornography. The 43-year-old Vivian, also known as Decollector (???) and sells booty videos on Twitter for $75. In 2014, the FBI arrested Vivian Criner in Shreveport, Louisiana as part of a sting on a commercial sex trafficking operation.

I already posted a picture of the daughter, Lawellai Lafrance Criner apparently showing ass and titties at a strip club so it looks like peddling ass is the family trade.

Her daughter, Ariana Criner, (the law student) in the interview with a Houston TV station told the news that the mother had committed suicide. I guess Ariana hasn’t taken legal ethics/professionalism yet with respect protecting the reputation and integrity of the profession, meaning, don’t hold yourself out as a law practitioner/student, and then follow it up with a demonstrable lie. One daughter is a flat-out whore, just like mom, and the other daughter can get on TV and lie with a straight face to the “tricks” watching at home, just like mom.

Vivian Criner had her children removed from her custody in 2001. The facts against her included that she left her children at home without gas or water, would only buy them on set of clothes for an entire year, and routinely spent her money on drugs and alcohol. In an email to the American-Statesman, Vivian Criner stated:

“The lies got to stop,”
“I’ll be the one in the family doing all interviews (from) now on. … People will stop to hear what I got to say for more reason then 1.”
“When I hit the news it will shock the nation and this is not how I want to build my fan base or be remembered by”
“We have a family problem prey(sic) for us.”

I feel dumber for having read this nonsense written by this idiot whore. She has a collection of porn videos out there for your disgust…I mean consumption if you like your women shaped like a circle and with a head full of yellow and purple yarn.

Black men, I have to hand you your L. At least five of you fucked this fat disgusting whore and got her pregnant, allowing her to produce five bastard children, one of whom is charged with murder, a second who is following in mommy’s footsteps of being a whore, and third who got on TV and lied with a straight face about her mother being dead. And I guarantee you that this whore has somebody fucking her right now, the daughters will find some thirsty sack of shit to fuck them, produce more Meechaiels for grandmama or auntie to mentally and physically abuse and the cycle of black men being destined for the prison yard or the graveyard will continue.

The only thing we can reasonably control is ourselves. Stop running in these nasty whores raw.

Rape and Murder?

The Austin police have primed the potential jury pool by commenting, off-the-record of course, that Haruka Weiser was “sexually assaulted” and strangled. The actual autopsy report won’t be complete for a few weeks. Did Meechaiel Criner “sexually assault” her? Maybe. Did he murder her? Probably. But I appreciate the trick the police is playing through the media. Anyone likely to be a juror has already read “sexual assault” and let their minds run to “rape.” Even if the autopsy report comes up different, thousands of news-consuming, registered voters/drivers/potential jurors have conjured up the image of this big, dark-skinned, menacing homeless black kid forcing himself on this white, petite, freshman ballerina who was just trying to live her dream.

The power of suggestion and imagination.

UT-Austin Parents Goes Full NIMBY. You Never Go Full NIMBY.

UT-Austin Parents have, for some time, complained to the university administration about the conditions on Guadalupe Street, known as The Drag. The Drag was once a popular hangout for UT-Austin students, but several businesses have closed and storefronts abandoned. Those storefronts are now covered in graffiti and are havens for the city’s homeless population. The death of Haruka Weiser has made those complaints louder and more urgent.

University of Texas police chief David Carter insisted that the homeless did not overrun UT-Austin but conceded that the number of homeless crossing from The Drag into UT-Austin’s 43-acre campus was steadily increasing and they were rousting sleeping homeless from empty classrooms and stairwells. Carter also acknowledged that his officers were receiving complaints about panhandlers and vagrants threatening students or engaged in disorderly conduct.

The Weiser murder has led some UT-Austin parents to openly call for the relocation of the storefront churches and missions near Guadalupe Street that feed the indigent or provide them with goods. John Elford of the University United Methodist Church does not perceive the homeless population as a threat, nor does he view the proximity of his charitable activities to the university to be a problem.

Someone named Tanner Golden (almost sounds like a Haven Monahan-esque name) started a petition on Change.org to move the city of Austin to relocate nearby food banks away from UT-Austin and allocate more resources to treatment for mental illness, drug rehabilitation, and aid for indigents. It’s a little NIMBY-ish and demanding of lawful plunder in the form increased expenditure on the public, but not unreasonable in that at least he proposes a solution that will benefit the homeless. Will Dwyer, a low-testosterone beardo Austin resident and alleged comic starts a counter petition whining about Tanner Golden’s “bubble of privilege” (there goes that Progressive mind-reading power again), indulges in a few snide ad hominems, then proposes to ban Tanner Golden from Guadalupe Street. In other words, the sort of irrational virtue-signaling and personal attacks Progressives routinely indulge in against their “class enemies.”

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Backpage Prostitute Doesn’t Get Paid; Accuses the Client of Rape

Heidi L Glick, 31, of Portland was charged by Lewis County for malicious prosecution after accusing Steven W. Flournoy Jr. of rape. Glick and Flournoy met after Glick advertised sexual services on Backpage.com. One of the conditions of Glick’s bail was that she cease advertising on Backpage.

On January 7, Lewis County prosecutor Sheila Weirth accused Glick of violating that condition. Weirth repeated the charge at a hearing on January 14. Judge James Lawler, on the prosecution recommendation, remanded Glick into custody for violating her bail. The judge raised her bail to $50,000.

Glick first contacted the police on November 7, 2015, claiming that Flournoy raped her. She later changed her statement that he refused to pay her for sex, which she considered to be rape. Flournoy responded by turning over a recording to police in which Glick threatened that she would make a false accusation of rape against him, if he didn’t pay her.


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