Students Expelled For Sexual Assault Sue University of Findlay

Two former students of the University of Findlay are suing the school. Findlay officials expelled Alphonso Baity and Justin Browning in 2014 on the accusation that they raped a white female student in September of the same year. Baity and Brown are co-plaintiffs in federal court for the northern district of Ohio. Among the allegations of the Baity and Brown are that M.K. lied about consensual sex, leading to their expulsion, that Findlay violated their civil rights, that the university did not follow its own procedures with respect to sexual assault allegations, and that the investigation in the allegations against them violated Title IX’s guarantee to a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution of allegations.

It’s All Fun And Games….

Baity and Browning were housemates at 438 Howard Street with two other student-athletes, identified in the complaint as Q.J. and Z.W. The accuser, M.K. befriended Q.J. and had sex with him. As an example, the plaintiffs allege that they on one occasion witnessed M.K. having oral sex with Q.J. in the common living area and continue despite the plaintiffs’ presence. She frequently socialized with all of the housemates, including the plaintiffs.

On September 20, 2014, M.K. approached Browning in the school dining hall and tried to give him her phone number. Browning refused due to the team rules. (Just say no to jersey chasers!) The next day, Browning, M.K., R.J., Q.J., and K.A. gathered at the students’ house. R.J. and K.A. made a Taco Bell run. Q.J. observed M.K. consent to enter Browning and Baity’s shared room. Witnesses Z.W., A.D. and Q.J. later witnessed sounds of voluntary consent, including use of the word “yes.” (Daniel Bryan will not be called as a witness). Browning asserts that M.K. undressed herself and sucked his dick, then they had sex in what the complaint alleges “multiple positions” including M.K. riding Browning. No force or coercion was ever used against M.K. Baity returned and entered the room he shared with Browning. He heard M.K. and Browing mid-coitus. When it sounded like they stopped, Baity entered the room to retrieve his phone charger. M.K. invited Baity to have sex with her. She sucked his dick and then had sex with him. Plaintiffs’ witnesses claim that M.K., once she was finished, strolled around the house naked in full view of the residents and several other female houseguests. She returned to the bedroom for another round with Browning before going to sleep with him.

The following day, around 11 a.m. M.K. after searching for her keys and a conversation with the plaintiffs, returned to her dorm at Deming Hall. Plaintiffs’ witness H.S., observed M.K. bragging about the previous evening’s sexual encounter. At no point did she make any claims of involuntary or forced sexual contact. She also recounted the story to witness J.F., including roaming through the Plaintiffs’ house nude.

Until She Accuses You Of Rape

October 1, 2014, ten days after sexy-fun-time, M.K. filed a report with Findlay administrators claiming the Plaintiffs sexually assaulted her on September 20, 2014. Plaintiffs allege that the subsequent investigation in M.K.’s claim violated the university’s Title IX investigation procedures. The investigator did not interview M.K. beyond her initial report, not even with regard to the existence of a video recording of the night’s sexual activities. Of the three Black witnesses present during the sexual activity, the university only interviewed Q.J., who stated that all of the sex that night had been voluntary. One of the two other White women present, K.A. testified that she observed the sex with the Plaintiffs to have been completely voluntary. The other, A.D., corroborated K.A.’s statements. The Plaintiffs allege that the university administration retaliated against both; that K.A. was removed from a more desirable work-study position in campus security dispatch and forced to take a less desirable job; A.D. was threatened with expulsion.

On October 2, 2014, Plaintiffs were interviewed separately by university administration. At no point before or during the interview were they informed of the specific allegations against them, they were not advised of their rights, and they did not receive the benefit of advice or counsel. Plaintiff Browning claimed that a video tape of that night, including the sex with M.K. existed. The university investigators made no effort to locate or secure the recording. The amount of time spent on the total investigation was less than 24 hours. On Friday, October 3, 2014, the university issued expulsion letter to the Plaintiffs. The letters stated that, based on the university’s investigation, the Plaintiffs had sexually assaulted M.K. and as a result, the Plaintiffs were required to leave the premises by noon the next day. Additionally, they were banned from any university-affiliated events on or off-campus. Subsequent appeals of their expulsions were denied without explanation. At no point did the university or M.K. contact the Findlay Police Department or the Hancock County Prosecutor.

What Does It All Mean?

My pure speculation on this matter: “M.K.” was a blue ribbon jersey-chaser, trying to fuck her way into being girlfriend, but none of these uppity negroes would play ball with her (she had no problem with playing with their balls) and make her an honest girlfriend. In the alternative, maybe video evidence of her having a Brazzers session with Browning and Baity and they were unwilling to erase or give her the video. M.K.’s report to the school mentions her belief that the Browning and Baity had a video of her. In either scenario, she pulled the trump card, cried rape, and here we are.

The Cult of “Believe Her-ism” has run amok. The Plaintiffs allege that the University of Findlay’s Title IX investigation was a sham, which, based on their complaint, it sounds like it was. The only evidence the school required was the spectral evidence of “Believe Her” and no witnesses to the contrary were sufficient to overcome it. These Title IX “investigations” are a joke, a sham, show trials that would have made the Soviet Politburo envious. Its procedures are a farce and offer the accused no protection. But this is the world that feminists and college administrators want, a retelling of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, where every woman gets to play Abigail Williams.

This last part goes out to college men in general, and black men in particular. When you are in college in this “progressive” day and age, you are Daniel in the lions’ den. A rape charge is a surefire way to derail a young black man’s future. In the best case scenario, you are Jameis Winston, beat all of the charges, win the Heisman, and get drafted as the first pick in the first round. Worst case scenario, you are Brian Banks and do six years for a rape you never committed and the people who put you there, including the woman, don’t offer you so much as an apology. This case lands somewhere in the middle. Browning and Baity didn’t go to prison, but their reputations have pretty much been ruined.

Stick with the townies. Dipping your pen in school ink is more dangerous than it has ever been.

Complaint: Browning et al. v. University of Findlay et al.