The Greatest Pussy Pass of 2016

On May 19, 2015, Autumn Hines, 20, of Youngstown, OH, stabbed and killed Rashad Bailey.

Today, she’s free on five years probation.

How did this sorry set of events come to pass?

At some point, Hines and Bailey, like many black couples, just hooked up and ended up living together. At the time, Hines had two children from previous “relationships” (read: getting rode raw by random negroes), and black men, we just have to accept other men’s kids, don’t we? It just comes with the package. Barbie comes with the Dream House, GI Joe comes with the kung-fu grip, and Autumn comes with bastard offspring. Rashad does what any sensible man would do: He has a couple more babies with Autumn, because that’s really all she’s good for, breeding offspring for the State.

But all was not well with the Bailey-Hines bunch. The police were called to the residence multiple times on allegations of domestic violence, but Hines declined to press charges(convenient that).

Everything came to a head on Monday, May 18, 2015. Hines gave Bailey her food card (you know the government’s broodmares got to have their rations) to buy baby formula for the kids. He did not return until Tuesday the 19th, without formula. An argument ensued between Bailey and Hines. Hines claimed that Bailey hit her. Bailey went outside to the porch. Hines grabbed a knife. When Bailey tried to walk back in the house, Hines stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

The medics and police arrived. Bailey was taken to St. Elizabeth where he died. The police processed the scene and booked Hines for murder.

Hines’ attorney, Lynn Maro wove a heart-rending tale of woe about the life of Ms. Hines. How she was put in foster care at the age of 2 because her own parents were in prison (Reprobates breeding more reprobates), and was “abused” (how ever you choose to interpret that nebulous term) in the home she was place in.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Bromberg, a practicing clinical psychologist in Centerville, OH, and paid mercenary, I mean, expert witness, testified to the jury about “Battered Woman Syndrome” and that she stabbed Rashad Bailey, not just because Bailey and Hines fought, but because of everything else that went wrong in her life (babies, dicks, and drugs).


The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, in its dubious legal wisdom, knocked down the charge from murder to plea of guilty for involuntary manslaughter. Judge Lou D’Apolito accepted the plea and sentenced Hines to five years of probation. Judge D’Apolito also sentenced the mother of four and pregnant with a fifth, to get a GED, get drug counselling and find a job.

I’ll bet good money that the BlackLivesMatter crowd is silent on this black life snuffed out and his killer walking free.

I’ll bet good money that none of the feminist harpies get as upset as they did when Brock Turner got six months for finger-popping a drunk woman.

This is just another piece of evidence that lends weight to the theory that black females are sponsored by the government to destroy the black community in general and black men in particular. This female is 20 years old with four kids with a fifth on the way. Do the math on that one. The latest she could have started having kids was at 15. As the court pointed out, she had no GED, no job, and had a drug habit. She couldn’t hit the books, but she could hit the dope and dick at a 12th grade level.

And when she does have kids, what does the state of Ohio do?

Do they take the baby from this irresponsible, underage mother?


Do they get her an IUD or some other long-term birth control solution ($150) to keep her from using her vagina recklessly?


The state of Ohio hands this bitch a food card! Why? Because having babies and then putting your hand out to the government is a broke bitch’s hustle. And she did what any good broke bitch would do: she had three more. More babies = more money.

Perverse incentives, ladies and gentlemen. Economics might be boring, but it is instructive.

On the subject of having kids, what sort of person was Autumn Hines having kids with? With whom did she choose to mix her genes with and bring forth life into the world?

A man who likes stealing stuff.

Rashad Bailey had an offense from 2011 in which he pled guilty to Attempted Theft (11CRB02650Y). This does not justify his murder; it is indicative of the cycle, perpetuated by black females and their atavistic, hybristophiliac mating strategies. Law-abiding, upstanding black men don’t get sex, at least, not when they want it and not from who they want. They get to play janitor, cleaning up after the Rashad Baileys of black people, when a black female has one through four kids, her body looks like shit, and she has all the charm and openness of a junkyard dog. But a Rashad Bailey, who likes stealing, or a Kareem Courtney (see the Korryn Gaines shooting) who slings heroin, or any other black male who exists solely to kill, steal, and destroy, they have no problem getting sex and making babies.

Finally, this bitch got five years probation on a murder, excuse me, INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Even though there was nothing “involuntary” about it. I’ve got at least a half-dozen stories demonstrating that black females, when “provoked” as seems to be their perpetual state, resort to knives to settle their disputes. And, as is the case in domestic violence, Hines was probably giving as good as she was getting, which is part of the strange interplay of people in relationships of persistent domestic violence.

But thanks to feminist legal minds, we have Battered Woman Syndrome, which is more like a freestanding “license to kill” than the common justification of “self-defense.” No immediate or reasonable belief that one is in danger of death or great bodily harm. A woman must merely invoke the magic words “he hit me,” true or not, and all is forgiven. A man may hit a woman, withdraw from the conflict, the woman goes to get a weapon and kills him later and that’s perfectly okay.

I don’t need to point out the obvious, but I’ll go ahead and do it: No man could have gotten this sweet of deal if a woman punched him and he stabbed her. No man could have gotten this sweet of a deal if he had taken beatings all his life, including from his girlfriend and he finally says, “enough” and stabbed her in the chest. He’d be doing at least 20 years because…EQUALITY. The “Patriarchy” will extract no vengeance from this female despite this woman murdering this man (and his being a “Patriarch” in the most literal sense). She is free to continue profiting from producing children, three of which will have been fathered by her victim.

Men, you’d better wake up and realize that you’re playing a rigged game. You’d better realize that if she wants you alive, and you have children by her, she will make you 18 Years a Slave and there won’t be anything short of smuggling yourself to Bahrain than you can do to stop it. And if she wants you dead, all she has to do is say “he hit me” and she will skip out of the front doors of the jail before the dirt settles over your casket.

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Black Matriarch Demonstrates The Moral Myopia of Black Females

Background: 28-year-old Michael Renard Grace Jr. and two accomplices entered a Pizza Hut in Charlotte, NC, with the purpose of robbing the establishment. Grace was armed. An employee in the restaurant saw Grace and his accomplices robbing the store and fired on Grace, killing him. The accomplices fled the scene.

Just another day in the life, right? Oh no. The black matriarch who raised Michael Renard Grace Jr. to rob fast food restaurants has to get her two cents in. This is a special treat for me, getting to intersect the Black Matriarchy with the corrective nature of the 2nd Amendment. I’m positively giddy.

“What is the policy of employees having guns on the premises?”

“Was he a security guard?”

“Was he back there cooking dough?”

“Was he back there throwing pizzas in the oven?”

“What was his position?”

“Why did he have a gun on the premises?”

Have you noticed that black females are very good at trying to sound smarter than they actually are? But these questions she’s asking just show where her little brain is headed: A wrongful death lawsuit. She couldn’t profit from her son’s life, because his life wasn’t worth anything, so she’ll be happy to profit from his death, or try to anyway.

Black matriarchs are very good at raising sons to not be shit, and then when the son meets his natural and rightful conclusion, she’s right there with her hand out, demanding to be compensated.

A couple of other examples of black women cashing in on raising ain’t shit black men:
Cleta A. Jennings

Toni Atkinson

“It was an act of desperation, but I do not believe he [Michael] would have hurt anyone.”

I want to respond to this and to the “why did he have a gun on the premises?” statement in one part. The man probably had a gun because he knows where he works, a Pizza Hut, is one of those places that tends to get robbed by men raised by idiots like Temia Hairston.

Pizza deliveryman shot

Domino’s employee shot in the face

Domino’s employee in Fayetteville, NC shot during a robbery.

Jack In The Box Employee Killed

But this idiot whore is so morally short-sighted, that she expects this employee to put his life in the hands of her son, to leave his continued existence at his mercy, and whether or not he decides to let his victim live.

How about no?

That’s why he had a gun on the premises of the Pizza Hut, and why everyone should carry, concealed or open: Just in case you run across another Michael Renard Grace Jr. and he’s down on his luck, but rather than get a job, he decides he’s going to stick a gun in the face of somebody who’s barely better off than he is.

But this is the mentality that these black females have and it’s the mentality they transmit to their criminal sons; when things are going wrong in their own lives, they suddenly gain the inherent right to make things go wrong on everybody else’s life. When mama’s not happy because she had a bad day at work and comes home, and you try to show mama the picture you drew, and she slaps you across the face, that’s okay, because mama just upset because she had a bad day, therefore, her act of violence is justifiable. When mama’s son is short some money and runs into your place of business armed looking for cash, putting your life at risk, that’s okay because it was just an “act of desperation” which magically gives him the right to threaten your safety, your money, and your life.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. A head shot is personal.”

“My son would have been facing jail time, instead of laying on a slab with a bullet hole in his head.”

Ms. Hairston, a slab is the proper place for your son, as it is for all robbers. If the law were truly just, the Pizza Hut employee, who not only protected himself, but protected all of your son’s future victims, would be able to file a lawsuit against you to collect the cost of the ammunition used to impose the moral discipline on your son that you were unwilling and unable to teach him while he was alive.

P.S. Did you notice that the man sitting next to her is quieter than a church mouse?

Clothing Store Robber Killed By Armed Employee; Nothing of Value Lost

An employee of “Extreme Gear” a clothing store in Orange Mound, Memphis, Tennessee, shot and killed a robber on Tuesday at approximately 4:50 PM. Emergency personnel took the robber to the Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Keep it up business owners, employees, and law-abiding citizens. You’re doing God’s work every time a robber gets tagged and bagged.


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Dos Banditos Walk Into a Convenience Store; Uno Escapes

Two masked robbers entered a food mart on West 34th Street in Houston, Texas. They ordered the owner to hand over the money. Both suspects were armed with handguns. She locked herself inside of a plexiglass enclosure before complying with their demands. The owner’s son appeared. One of the robbers chased him through the store while the other attempted to gain entry into the enclosure. One of the store employees drew his own weapon and fired on the robbers, killing one immediately. The other fled the scene.


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Teen Robbers Shot By Liquor Store Clerk; Chicago Marginally Safer

A pair of youthful robbers had their criminal careers cut short when they attempted to rob Z&S Food and Liquor in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The robbers entered the store and announced that they intended to rob it. When one of the robbers drew a gun, the owner shot both robbers. They died at the scene.

The Cook County medical examiner identified the robbers as Keshawn Marzette, 17, and William Larson, 15. Both resided on the 8300 block of South Throop. Police had arrested Marzette 30 times previously. A week prior to the robbery, Marzette stole a BMW from a neighbor and crashed it. Larson had been arrested four times in the last six months.


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Robber Killed In Ohio By Armed Homeowner

34-year-old Glenn Smith Jr. of Elyria, Ohio was shot and killed by a homeowner in the midst of a robbery. The homeowner returned at approximately 5 PM when he found Smith attempting to break into his home. When the police arrived, they found Smith inside the house with gunshot wounds. So far, the homeowner has not been charged.

Smith was taken to Mercy Hospital in Lorain where he was pronounced dead. The homeowner claimed that Smith attacked him when he witnessed Smith breaking into his home. The fight continued into the house where the homeowner picked up his handgun and fired at Smith. Investigators have declined to comment whether or not charges will be filed, stating that all evidence would be turned over to the Lorain County prosecutor, who would make the ultimate decision on charges.


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