Black Matriarch Murders Black Man For Walking Up On Her

A woman has been arrested in the stabbing death of Benjamin McKeel, 38, on New Year’s Eve in the 4900 block of Lorraine Street in Baton Rouge, police said.

Katrice Michelle Belezaire, 34, of 4949 Lorraine St., is accused of stabbing McKeel to death after an argument around 7 p.m.

Belezaire and McKeel were seen arguing before entering a home, and could be heard continuing to argue while inside, according to booking documents. Belezaire told deputies McKeel “walked up” on her, and she stabbed him. Deputies recovered the knife allegedly used in the stabbing, which she told them she placed on the counter afterward.

Belezaire was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of second-degree murder.

McKeel not only ‘disrespeck’d’ Belezaire, but he had the nerve to ‘walk up on’ her.

Summary execution. Just another day in the black matriarchy.

Happy new year!


Black Matriarch Stabs…Dammit, Again?

An Alexandria woman is behind bars, accused of stabbing a man twice in the chest at a home in the 1800 block of Polk Street.

Police said the man was stabbed on December 11. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Detectives learned that another resident of the home was allegedly responsible for the stabbing. An arrest warrant was obtained for Emma Herron, 47, for aggravated second degree battery.

Herron was located on December 28 and arrested.

*Knock, knock*

Hi, black men. Mind if I come in? We need to have a brief chat.

Are you at all tired of being stabbed in the head, neck, arms, chest, or any other body part you mind find valuable?

Take heart! There’s something you can do about it today!

Stop fucking with goofy bitches like this! Stop putting your dicks in them! Stop breeding with them! Stop cohabitating with them!

Treat them like the lepers they are and shun them. It might save your life. Or at least keep her from turning you into a human knife block.


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Black Matriarch Stabs Man With a Knife (No, This Is Not a Rerun)

A Paducah woman was arrested on an assault charge Monday night.

The Paducah Police Department says around 10:00 p.m. officers were called about a stabbing at a home in the 1200 block of South 6th Street.

A detective went to a local hospital and spoke with 58-year-old Arthur Williams.

Williams said that he and 42-year-old Shirley Mitchell, whom he lives with, were arguing and she cut him on the hand with a knife. Williams also had superficial cuts to his cheek and neck.

Mitchell came to the police department and spoke with the detective.

The detective says she changed her story several times before she said she grabbed the knife during the argument and that Williams may have cut himself when he pushed her.

Mitchell was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. She was taken to the McCracken County Regional Jail.

You know, I’m almost getting bored with these stories of black matriarchs stabbing and/or murdering black men over arguments or just on a humbug. It’s just getting too easy to point out that the black woman is a greater threat to the black man’s life than the “racist” cop. At least with the police, you have some advance warning that your life is in danger. With the black matriarch, you never know when a knife-fight might break out.


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Black Matriarch Stabs Her Boyfriend To Death; Patriarchy Is The Prime Suspect

A 51-year-old Bay area woman is facing manslaughter charges in the death of her boyfriend.

Elise Vernell Johnson is being held without bond in the Pinellas County Jail pending her first appearance before a judge. The name of the victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

According to a Clearwater Police Department report officers were dispatched to 1710 North Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. just after 8 am Saturday in response to a domestic dispute call. The 58-year-old victim was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Investigators say Johnson stabbed the man and did not call 9-1-1 for assistance.

Additional charges are pending as the investigation continues.

What’s a black matriarch’s favorite movie?


Men, save your own lives. Stop messing with these loons.


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Black Matriarch Makes History; Kills Fellow Black Matriarch to Set Most Homicides in History of Tulsa

Tyrone Biggums? Is that you.

Yeah. It’s you. Dammit, Tyrone. I know you’re hurting for that crack, but homicide?

Tulsa police have arrested the suspect in the city’s 72nd homicide for manslaughter.

Officers responded to a 911 call around 3:30 a.m. from Montoyia Corbitt, who said she stabbed someone at Riverview Park Apartments.

Upon arrival, officers found Tahmachqua Floyd on the floor of her apartment with a stab wound to the upper abdomen. She was transported to a local hospital where she died from her injuries.

Police say Floyd was moving from her apartment near 22nd and Maybelle to another complex nearby. Corbitt was helping Floyd move when the two began arguing after both women accused the other of stealing clothing and jewelry.

There were several witnesses to the stabbing and after their interviews police arrested Corbit for first-degree manslaughter. She was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on $50,000 bond.
Floyd’s death puts Tulsa at 72 homicides for the year, a new record for the city.

Yet another instance of black females settling their business by cutting bitches up.

If black females taught dispute resolution, it would probably look a little like this:

Corbitt’s surety bond is set at $250,000 (meaning she can bail out with $25,000). Unfortunately, the minimum penalty for first degree manslaughter in Oklahoma is 4 years.


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The Greatest Pussy Pass of 2016

On May 19, 2015, Autumn Hines, 20, of Youngstown, OH, stabbed and killed Rashad Bailey.

Today, she’s free on five years probation.

How did this sorry set of events come to pass?

At some point, Hines and Bailey, like many black couples, just hooked up and ended up living together. At the time, Hines had two children from previous “relationships” (read: getting rode raw by random negroes), and black men, we just have to accept other men’s kids, don’t we? It just comes with the package. Barbie comes with the Dream House, GI Joe comes with the kung-fu grip, and Autumn comes with bastard offspring. Rashad does what any sensible man would do: He has a couple more babies with Autumn, because that’s really all she’s good for, breeding offspring for the State.

But all was not well with the Bailey-Hines bunch. The police were called to the residence multiple times on allegations of domestic violence, but Hines declined to press charges(convenient that).

Everything came to a head on Monday, May 18, 2015. Hines gave Bailey her food card (you know the government’s broodmares got to have their rations) to buy baby formula for the kids. He did not return until Tuesday the 19th, without formula. An argument ensued between Bailey and Hines. Hines claimed that Bailey hit her. Bailey went outside to the porch. Hines grabbed a knife. When Bailey tried to walk back in the house, Hines stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

The medics and police arrived. Bailey was taken to St. Elizabeth where he died. The police processed the scene and booked Hines for murder.

Hines’ attorney, Lynn Maro wove a heart-rending tale of woe about the life of Ms. Hines. How she was put in foster care at the age of 2 because her own parents were in prison (Reprobates breeding more reprobates), and was “abused” (how ever you choose to interpret that nebulous term) in the home she was place in.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Bromberg, a practicing clinical psychologist in Centerville, OH, and paid mercenary, I mean, expert witness, testified to the jury about “Battered Woman Syndrome” and that she stabbed Rashad Bailey, not just because Bailey and Hines fought, but because of everything else that went wrong in her life (babies, dicks, and drugs).


The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, in its dubious legal wisdom, knocked down the charge from murder to plea of guilty for involuntary manslaughter. Judge Lou D’Apolito accepted the plea and sentenced Hines to five years of probation. Judge D’Apolito also sentenced the mother of four and pregnant with a fifth, to get a GED, get drug counselling and find a job.

I’ll bet good money that the BlackLivesMatter crowd is silent on this black life snuffed out and his killer walking free.

I’ll bet good money that none of the feminist harpies get as upset as they did when Brock Turner got six months for finger-popping a drunk woman.

This is just another piece of evidence that lends weight to the theory that black females are sponsored by the government to destroy the black community in general and black men in particular. This female is 20 years old with four kids with a fifth on the way. Do the math on that one. The latest she could have started having kids was at 15. As the court pointed out, she had no GED, no job, and had a drug habit. She couldn’t hit the books, but she could hit the dope and dick at a 12th grade level.

And when she does have kids, what does the state of Ohio do?

Do they take the baby from this irresponsible, underage mother?


Do they get her an IUD or some other long-term birth control solution ($150) to keep her from using her vagina recklessly?


The state of Ohio hands this bitch a food card! Why? Because having babies and then putting your hand out to the government is a broke bitch’s hustle. And she did what any good broke bitch would do: she had three more. More babies = more money.

Perverse incentives, ladies and gentlemen. Economics might be boring, but it is instructive.

On the subject of having kids, what sort of person was Autumn Hines having kids with? With whom did she choose to mix her genes with and bring forth life into the world?

A man who likes stealing stuff.

Rashad Bailey had an offense from 2011 in which he pled guilty to Attempted Theft (11CRB02650Y). This does not justify his murder; it is indicative of the cycle, perpetuated by black females and their atavistic, hybristophiliac mating strategies. Law-abiding, upstanding black men don’t get sex, at least, not when they want it and not from who they want. They get to play janitor, cleaning up after the Rashad Baileys of black people, when a black female has one through four kids, her body looks like shit, and she has all the charm and openness of a junkyard dog. But a Rashad Bailey, who likes stealing, or a Kareem Courtney (see the Korryn Gaines shooting) who slings heroin, or any other black male who exists solely to kill, steal, and destroy, they have no problem getting sex and making babies.

Finally, this bitch got five years probation on a murder, excuse me, INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Even though there was nothing “involuntary” about it. I’ve got at least a half-dozen stories demonstrating that black females, when “provoked” as seems to be their perpetual state, resort to knives to settle their disputes. And, as is the case in domestic violence, Hines was probably giving as good as she was getting, which is part of the strange interplay of people in relationships of persistent domestic violence.

But thanks to feminist legal minds, we have Battered Woman Syndrome, which is more like a freestanding “license to kill” than the common justification of “self-defense.” No immediate or reasonable belief that one is in danger of death or great bodily harm. A woman must merely invoke the magic words “he hit me,” true or not, and all is forgiven. A man may hit a woman, withdraw from the conflict, the woman goes to get a weapon and kills him later and that’s perfectly okay.

I don’t need to point out the obvious, but I’ll go ahead and do it: No man could have gotten this sweet of deal if a woman punched him and he stabbed her. No man could have gotten this sweet of a deal if he had taken beatings all his life, including from his girlfriend and he finally says, “enough” and stabbed her in the chest. He’d be doing at least 20 years because…EQUALITY. The “Patriarchy” will extract no vengeance from this female despite this woman murdering this man (and his being a “Patriarch” in the most literal sense). She is free to continue profiting from producing children, three of which will have been fathered by her victim.

Men, you’d better wake up and realize that you’re playing a rigged game. You’d better realize that if she wants you alive, and you have children by her, she will make you 18 Years a Slave and there won’t be anything short of smuggling yourself to Bahrain than you can do to stop it. And if she wants you dead, all she has to do is say “he hit me” and she will skip out of the front doors of the jail before the dirt settles over your casket.

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Black Matriarch Stabs Another Black Matriarch Over A Stolen Debit Card

A 58-year-old woman accused of stabbing a female victim at a North Columbia residence Monday morning was arrested by the Columbia Police Department.

Wanda Denise Rumph was charged with First Degree Assault and Battery after the incident at residence on Cindy Drive, located near Greenview Park, according to the Columbia Police Department.

The victim didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries, said the authorities, adding she said Rumph accused her of stealing a debit card moments before the stabbing.

Black women. Knives. Stabby-stabby.

Just another day.


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