Black Matriarch Burns Her Children’s Feet With Scalding Water

The Holly Hill Police Department reported responding to a possible child abuse complaint on April 10th, 2017.

Police met with an investigator who told officers that she was notified of a child suffering from serious burns due to exposure to hot water. The 22-year-old mother of the child, Sheretta Marie Harris, called the police on April 8th. She told the operator that the child had been burned from hot bathtub water during a diaper change. The child was transported to the Halifax Medical Center before being transferred to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for treatment.

The Child Protection Team Case Coordinator spoke with the Holly Hill Police Department to show them photos of the burn. Several layers of skin had been burned off. The burns were also isolated to the child’s feet, as reported.

A few days later on April 13th, officers met with representatives from the the apartment complex that Sheretta lived in. They all knew of the incident after receiving several reports. They went on to show police the room where two hot water heaters were kept. Typically, hot water heaters are set to the lowest temperature for safety reasons. However, after the incident was reported, the temperature was found turned up on the hot water heater. No one has access to these settings besides the maintenance manager and management staff. It is unknown who adjusted these settings, but the maintenance manager believes someone forced open the door and turned up the temperature.

On April 24th, Holly Hill Police Department officers met with Sheretta Harris, She retold her story, still saying that the hot water had burned her child’s feet while trying to clean up the dirty diaper mess.

Finally, on May 8th, it is reported that an officer spoke with an ex-roommate of Sheretta. He claims that he was personally told by Sheretta Harris that she intentionally put the child’s feet in scalding water because she was mad. He went on to tell the officer that Sheretta had intentionally broke her child’s arm a year ago but claimed it was from a stroller accident. He says that Sheretta becomes very violent when angry.

Two days later, the University of Florida Child Protection Team Preliminary Medical and Risk Assessment Report showed that the burns were done intentionally.

Sherretta Harris is being charged with Aggravated Child Abuse.

Question: If we can allegedly have “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” because of wrongs done to ancestors long dead, why can’t we have “Post Traumatic Black Single Mother Syndrome” because the woman who raised us did so by terrorizing and physically abusing us? (kind of like Massa used to!)


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Florida Man Found Not Guilty of Rape Following 30 Minutes of Deliberation

George Brainard, 29, of Daytona Beach, Florida, was found not guilty of rape after jury deliberated for 30 minutes. In 2014, Brainard, then a pedicab driver (like a rickshaw, but less cool), picked up the accuser from the Daytona International Speedway. The accuser was drunk and belligerent, and initiated sex with him, then told Brainard that she was a cop and that she had his DNA. Brainard threw her out of the pedicab and fled the area. Both the accuser and Brainard testified. The accuser says she only remembered Brainard throwing her out of the pedicab near the woods, but accused him of raping her and having injuries, though a doctor found no injuries. Brainard said the sex was consensual and that he kicked her out of the pedicab when she became hostile.


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Black Matriarch Uses 5-Month-Old Baby To Beat Up Its Father

Tatyana Allen, 18, was arrested on July 4th for celebrating the birth of the United States as only a black matriarch could: using a baby like a club to beat up a man she was mad at.

Allen, the child and the child’s father were involved in an incident at Daytona Beach in Florida during a ghetto family trip. The lead up is unreported, but what came next was pretty much expected. The 911 call that prompted the police to come and arrest Allen said that:

“She just beat her, like, 3-month-old baby, if that, against her boyfriend and threw it in the sand, face-down,”

“The baby was screaming. It was face-down in the sand. It can’t hold its head up by itself, that’s how little it was,”

Allen said she didn’t throw the baby in the sand (she didn’t deny beating on the boyfriend). The problem with that was her story was contradicted by nearly two dozen witnesses.

Allen also called 911, claiming that for some strange reason this man who she knew well enough to have sex with and get pregnant by:

“He kept pushing me and hitting me and I didn’t even touch him or yell at him,”

“I’m with my baby daddy and (he) kept pushing and hitting me,”

Ain’t that about like a black female? She’s fine with “touching” a man, and “yelling” at a man. The minute he finally has enough of her abuse, she turns on the waterworks and calls her white daddy to save her. I’m not suggesting that he did, but that’s this female’s logic and the logic of most females attracted to men who have a penchant for whipping bitches’ asses.

On the slapping hand, the phone call might have been a preemptive strike or her part or rehabilitation after she knew someone else called the police on her using her baby as a baseball bat.

The police, thankfully, weren’t buying her bullshit story and took her to jail. Her bail was set at $30,000. She cannot have contact with either the baby or the baby’s father.


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